Kerasilk Smoothing (Hair like silk for up to 5 months)

Long lasting Keratin treatment service..

Here at Jon Quality Hairdressing we have had some fantastic results using the Kerasilk Smoothing System. Benefits of the service include –

Helps to make frizzy & unruly hair more manageable

Softens waves & smoothens hair structure

Reduces daily styling time

Receive a Control Shampoo & Conditioner to take home with you to help prolong service



"I used to do the chemical straighten on my clients hair which involved using a chemical process (only the roots needed doing),so I wanted the results from the Kerasilk to make her hair as straight as possible. The advantage of Kerasilk is that it provided me with the same results as the straightening treatment but it conditions the hair as well. After the processing of this service I finger dried the hair and there were no fly away areas or frizz at the roots it was very smooth and straight. The texture of the whole hair afterwards was very smooth and felt really nice. The lady was very pleased with the effect it had created." By Leanne. "I have not seen a service like Kerasilk! My client had Afro-Caribbean hair which was so frizzy that she couldn’t blow dry her hair without it turning even more frizzy. After using Kerasilk it enabled her to reduce her styling time by half also when leaving it curly it turned into seperate ringlet curls instead of frizzy curls. Kerasilk was perfect for her hair and she was amazed with the results and will definitely be returning again in 5 months." By Hannah